Destroying Babylon in San Francisco

San Francisco skateboarding at its best

What a way to kick off another day at home being ill and stuck in front of the laptop: Destroying Babylon is 30 minutes of skateboarding out of San Francisco filmed in the summer / fall / winter of 2010 featuring skating by andrew wenckstern, matt atreau mercer, michael echeverry, daniel roberts, cody mcentire, ishod wair, raney beres, adrian mallory, alex turan, antonio devitt, ian brunkow, brandon dwyer, cody norman, john jackson, sincere, mike belleme, lucas hancock, ben paulsrud, ryan kelly, chris colbourn, chad wilson, brendan cahill, elijah fleishman, demarcus james, trevor morgan, weston, ratface, geoffery hall, tadashi yamaoda, alex fatemi, jon stallings, d’ontae smith, johnny randolph, david nelson-hospsers, meetch green, and garret daly.

Man, what a crazy long list of skaters! Produced / filmed / edited by Travis Knapp-Prasek, soundtrack by Russian Circles and made possible by the Satori Movement / Creation Skateboards. Additional filming was done by Daniel Roberts, Cody Norman, and Garret Daly.

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