Dillinger Escape Plan’s Farewell Mona Lisa Video

Dillinger Escape Plan's Farewell Mona Lisa Video

Dillinger Escape Plan is gearing up for the release of their latest full length record entitled “Option Paralysis” – watch the video of “Farewell Mona Lisa” and see that they only get better…

I’ve seen Dillinger Escape Plan only once live and I was pretty much stunned after the concert – and I’ve seen and played more than a few concerts of my own. And to be honest with you, nothing came close to what they put together on stage. Yeah, it can sometimes be a bit, let’s say, difficult to listen to but if you really sit down and listen several times you realize how damn good this band is. Greg Puciato (vocals) can almost hypnotize you with his voice and the rest of the band (bassist Liam Wilson, guitarist Jeff Tuttle and new drummer Billy Rymer) make this band much much more than what some may think is experimental, jazz, or just noise. As usual I always say you can’t discuss taste – everybody has their own but try it, Dillinger Escape Plan could easily grab your attention if you give it a chance. Enjoy the video!

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