Duffs Footwear Fall And Holiday 2009 Shoe Collection

Duffs Footwear Fall And Holiday 2009 Shoe Collection

Well, not all is bad being sick and lazing around at home – I finally can find the time to check out some of the latest collections from the many brands out there. Duffs Footwear is sporting some good looking new styles in their holiday collections and the selection is quite large. I especially like the color lines offered but that of course usually isn’t what makes the decision for the shoe. I’ve been testing shoes from several different companies over the last few years and the last pair of Duffs I had is way back in the old days so it’s time for me to get some of these to put them to the bowl/vert test soon.

After the jump below you can check out the large variety they have and yeah, they do have a good team as wel – Louie Barletta, Kevin Kowalski, Cooper Wilt and James Atkin are the sponsored riders for Duffs Footwear.

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