Dune Skateboards deck give-away contest – Deadline April 4th 2008

Dune Skateboards Andre from Dune Skateboards kindly sent over a deck for me to give away to you. To win this board you’ll need to get your camera out and send in a specific type of skate photo. Read on to find out what the topic is and where to send the picture to.

A new deck is always something nice to have. Good pop, new grip, something new to start off with. Dune Skateboards has sent me a deck to give away and I had to come up with an idea which will make you use your creativity to win the board. As I just started up the Photography section of the Europeskate site this week, I want to jump start it with a little contest.

So, what do you have to do? I don’t want to see skaters on a picture, no, I want you to go out and take what you think is a gorgeous shot of a skate spot, transition, pole, curb, whatever – anything that is skateable or in your dreams skateable. But NO skaters. I want to see what you are seeing when you are walking or skating around and you see a spot and maybe, just maybe you are the first person to see it. You know that feeling: you start imagining how you could do some tricks there and that’s when you need your board. That’s what I want to see, so here are the rules listed for you:

Entry rules

1. Only ONE picture per person for the contest will be judged.
2. Your picture has to show a skateable spot.
3. Send your full name, home address, camera equipment used for the picture and a short description of your shot.
4. Deadline for entries is April 4th 2008
5. Send your entry to my email address

All entries will be judged by myself and a small group of friends without knowledge of the names of the entries. The winner will be announced April 7th 2008 and a selection of the top pictures will appear on the site.

Make sure you visit and support the guys from Dune Skateboards, they also represent a few other companies which have good products.

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