Düsseldorf Factory Bowl gets another bowl!

I didn’t really know how to put what I was trying to say into one short but fitting title but I have more space here. Peter ” Dietsches ” Diepes is an over 40 year old skater out of Germany who has been skating since most of us were shitting in the good ole diapers – even me probably! His ripe age has not made his enthusiasm for skateboarding any smaller and especially when it comes to the bowl fraction, he’s just in there to stay.

Along with some support from locals and some sponsor he was already able to build a nice wooden bowl in Düsseldorf in an old factory which has hosted several barbecue parties and contest/sessions for old and young skaters alike

Factory bowl in Düsseldorf

Just a few weeks ago he embarked on a new project again with some support to build yet another bowl right in the same factory but this time both the shallow and deepend of the bowl will have vert and poolcopping! Tiles, stairs and a deathbox are in the planning as well. Below is one of the pics from the beginning of the construction. Dietsches says he’s scheduled to be finished in the next three weeks and so that we all can watch his progess, he was cool enough to even set up a blog with visual proof, fantastic. If anybody has some cash to support this effort, he could use your help as 1000 Euros are missing..

New OMSA bowl blog with pictures
Factory Bowl MySpace site

OMSA bowl in Düsseldorf

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