Dusty Lines

Dusty Lines – A Vans Italy Trip To Forgotten Places

Skateboarding should pretty much be combined with trying something new, breaking barriers and using the space and architecture which you find to skate. Of course we all skate parks or obstacles made specifically for skating but it is always a blast to just go out and find something to skate.

The Vans Italy team did just this and found quite a few beautiful spots to skate which seem to be off the radar of the regular folks. Getting dirty is part of skateboarding – Dusty Lines. Featuring skating by Jacopo Picozza, Icaro Nardi, Simone Verona, Adalberto Rinaldi, Mattia Turco and Carlo Cassan

Photography by Davide Biondani
Directed by Alberto Chimenti Dezani, videography by Patrick Delorenzi

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