Dutch Skateboard Championship 2013 video edit

The Dutch skateboarding scene has been making a big name for themselves over the years and lately even more so. So a lot of attention was focused on the Dutch Skateboard Championship 2013 contest which took place at the Ladybird Skatepark in Tilburg, Netherlands which is an incredible looking indoor skate park which combines street elements with bowl parts and all types of trannies and ledges making it a perfect stage for a competition to see the best skateboarding in Holland.

The battle was hard and at the end 17-yera old Daan van der Linden took home the win and is the Dutch Champ 2013! Video edit by Sami El Hassani by the way…

Results Dutch Skateboard Championship 2013:

1. Daan van der Linden
2. Douwe Macaré
3. Woody Hoogendijk
4. Sjoerd Vissers
5. Rob Maatman
6. Leon Wolters
7. Robbin de Wit
8. Tim Zom
9. Billy Hoogendijk
10. Bart Buikman

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