DVS Dudes Dudes Dudes video free and online

The latest video release to make some major waves is DVS’s “Dudes, Dudes, Dudes” video which is yet another great free video which is viewable now either directly from the DVS site (click here to watch it – I had some problems with the load time and I have a fast connection), through YouTube (embedded right here but of course not with the good quality), at your local skate shop and soon in Europe along with either the Sidewalk Skateboard mag or Dogway Magazine.

Packed with enough tricks to make you want to leave the spot in front of your monitor real soon, I’d suggest watching it all first. It’s more than worth it! I grabbed the four parts off the net for you all to watch but I’d suggest trying to get the real thing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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