DVS Shopliftin Contest – Top 5 videos presented

DVS Shopliftin Contest Videos

I had heard about this video contest a while back but i didn’t really register it until a couple of days ago when I happened to get the link to the contest page. Shopliften is a skate shop video contest put on by DVS Shoes. The shops were given six months to film, edit, and produce a short video segment of their best shop sponsored skaters. Each participating skate shop then submitted their videos, which were judged by DVS pros.

Well, the judging is over and I have to say that the top five videos are so good that you better sit back, get something to eat and enjoy some of the best skating you have seen in a long time! The PLATFORM skate shop team out of Pomona, California – owned and run by 29-year-old Landon Mitchell – convinced the DVS judges, winning this contest.

Check out the top five right here (my personal favorite is “The Denver Skate Shop” which has several absolutely mad tricks I have never seen anywhere else before and a really harsh slam at the beginning! Check especially the 3 minute mark – the alley oop wallride and the wtf! backflip…).

Cal’s Pharmacy
The Denver Skate Shop
Pitcrew – audio missing!
NJ Skate Shop

click right here to head over to the DVS Shopliftin YouTube page with 29 shop videos currently online
– here’s the official DVS Shopliftin contest page with an interview with the PLATFORM skate shop owner, the PLATFORM shoe ad and more

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