EA SKATE launches in the UK with skate tour

The game many have been waiting for has arrived and will definitely help to keep some of us busy during those cold winter days and nights. We reported earlier about the competition which is being held (seven spots were rebuilt from Barcelona and San Fran for you to skate at…read it here) and now a tour is underway to support to cause.

All you have to do is grab your board, get to one of the spots, laydown the given skateboard trick and do it even better and win! The videos sent in will be judged by Andy Horsley from Sidewalk Magazine and Niall Neeson from Kingpin Magazine. Prizes including PS3’s & copies of the SKATE game are available as well so give it a try. To find out how to how to enter the competition, go to: http://www.skate.electronicarts.co.uk

The Block Skateboads team will be touring the spots with their UK pros (Vaughan Baker, Neil Smith, Boots, Horsey, Danny Brady and Chewy Cannon) visiting all 7 skateparks from the last week of September and into October. At each spot a jam will be held with £200 in cash and a copy of the game to be won.

Click here to watch videos of tricks at the spots from UK pro riders.

Here are the tour dates so get down to your local park and strut your stuff:

Saturday, 29th September – Revolution Skatepark, Broadstairs – 2/4pm
Sunday, 30th September – BaySixty6, London – 2/4pm
Tuesday, 2nd October – The House, Sheffield – 6/8pm
Thursday, 4thOctober – The Factory, Dundee – 2/4pm
Friday, 5thOctober – Rampworx, Liverpool – 6/8pm
Saturday, 6thOctober – The Works, Leeds – 2/4pm
Sunday, 7th October – The Park, Great Yarmouth – 2/4pm

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