Eastpak European team on the Mission to Moscow September 17-23

Eastpak Missiopn to Moscow

Eastpak has been supporting skateboarding over the last few years constantly and luckily not just backing out when everything didn’t look too rosy. Giving it back to the skaters is the way to go and that is what this company is doing yet again with the newest skateboard tour, this time to Moscow.

From September 17th till the 23rd 2007 the Eastpak European team (Juergen Horrwarth, Gabriel Engelke, Stephan Gunther, Foppa Forsberg, Julien Bachelier, Julian Dykmans, Ross McGouran and Chris Pfanner) will be ripping through the streets of Moscow filming and hanging with the locals while on the 23rd they will make an appearance at the Adrenalin Games. Eastpak is currently building up a blog site for the tour so we’ll have more to report on soon. In the mean time check out the flyer below:

Eastpak Mission to Moscow Tour 2007

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