Ed Templeton’s blog and upcoming Deformer book

Ed Templeton and his new book Deformers

Reading, writing, breathing and consuming skateboarding daily really allows me to find out a lot more about the subject than is seen at the first glimpse. Of course, this is nothing new as with any subject matter, the more you deal with it, the more knowledge you acquire (or should hopefully). Not that a lot of what I write about here is really knowledge. It’s mostly just information collected but the sum of information and the interconnections give it all a certain value.

No, I’m not trying to sell this. Actually, let me get to the real point behind this. Maybe you know already or maybe not, but Ed Templeton isn’t just a skater, he’s a damn good artist as well and likes to look a bit deeper than most it seems than many other people. Ed also runs a blog packed with pictures and anecdotes from his life which goes by the name of “Ed Templeton’s traffic jam on the information super-highway”. He did just mention though this past Friday that he plans to change the format as , I quote, “It’s not about haters, its about not wanting to ejaculate my life into the inter-world anymore. At least not as much or a detailed as I have been.”. We’ll see what turns up on his blog in the next few days.

Even more interesting is the fact that Ed Templeton has put together a book going by the name “Deformer”. The book will be coming out fall 2008 as a hardback with 176 pages. Here’s what the Alleged Press website has to say about the book:

“Over eleven years in the making and compiling more than 30 years worth of material, Alleged Press is pleased to announce the publication of Ed Templeton’s Deformer, a multi-media scrapbook of his upbringing in suburban Orange County, California. This beautifully designed volume, entirely art-directed by Templeton himself, gives a sun-drenched glimpse of what it is like to be young and alive in what Templeton refers to as “the suburban domestic incubator”. Deformer intertwines photographs, paintings, drawings, sketchbook pages, disciplinary letters from his grandfather and religious notes from his mother into a magnificent narrative of teenage isolation and social criticism.”

Visit Ed Templeton’s blog
– Alleged Press website

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