Element hosts Audio Visual Awards 2008

Element Audio Visual Awards 2008

Element has put together a rather nice and creative contest called the “Element Audio Visual Awards” which is supposed to “support a new generation of musicians, film-makers and artists”. It isn’t always easy to package a contest and keep it from being branded, but looking over the edge of the commercial plate, this looks like a promising concept which should be tested.

The following categories are open for entries:

Video: best full length film, best short film, best skate video part and best skate video

Music: best group/band, best female musician, best male musician

Art: best fine art, best graphic art, best photo, best skate photo

To find out more, make sure you visit the Element Audio Visual Awards website

Entries deadline is September 1st, 2008 and the winners will be announced September 15th, 2008. So get cracking, there’s not that much time left!

Element Audio Visual Awards

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