Element Skateboards helps out with skateboard terminology

Element Skateboards skateboard terminology

Element Skateboards has a nicely designed eMag which describes how the different types of Element Skateboards are created and the components involved. So are you up to count on deck dimensions, wheelbase, materials, construction or even concave shapes? Keep on reading to know if you are riding a helium, fiberlight, featherlight or thriftwood type of board.

It is good to see that skateboarding keeps developing the products we use daily to take the stress and damage we inflict on our set-ups so that we can rely on what we are riding! Check out the pictures below to get the quick picture and make sure you visit the Element Skateboards website to read the entire eMag.

Element Skateboards skateboard terminology part 1

Element Skateboards skateboard terminology part 2

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