Elements Make It Count – Chapter 1 WIND

MAKE IT COUNT is a four-part documentary, which showcases Element’s defining moments and delves into its compelling story. From its humble beginnings, to a forward thinking global brand, this film covers two decades of stories and imagery.

In creating Chapter 1 of 4, “WIND” Kirk Dianda (director) followed Johnny Schillereff (Element founder & president) and dug into his history, interviewing the very people that have shaped his life and the company. The opening and closing sequences give you a small taste of the diverse community of people interviewed for the entire project, topics covered, and nostalgia that was un-earthed.

Each chapter of MAKE IT COUNT will be released on the 1st of each month:

WIND – August 1st, 2009
WATER – September 1st, 2009
FIRE – October 1st, 2009
EARTH – November 1st, 2009

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