Emerica holding Design-a-Tee 8 contest

Emerica Design-a-Tee 8 contest

That’s right, get out your ideas for graphics and get them down on a piece of paper for the 8th Emerica Design-a-Tee contest which is going on until December 14th 2007. Three winners will be chosen and they will receive 5 t-shirts with their design and three pairs of Emerica shoes. Get all the information here to get your t-shirt entry in on time.

Emerica has also made sure to give some tips about what NOT to enter in the contest, here’s what they wrote:

“Do not submit any entries containing the words “God Bless Emerica” or depict an American flag with Emerica Triangle logos in place of the stars. We get way too many of those, and they will be automatically disqualified. Don’t waste your time!”

Fair enough, they know what they are looking for so if you are interested in showing off your design skills and winning some nice prizes, get at it and download the Design-a-Tee 8 template right here. And so that you know, the artwork becomes property of Emerica and yeah, for all of those of you who want to complain and say they are just doing it to make money, that’s what company’s are there for as well, not just to give away evertyhing and then go bust! They also have people working for them who need to be paid, buy food, support their families etc….just have fun drawing and doing something creative!

Here’s the link to the Design-a-Tee 8 template for you to download. and to enter get over to the Emerica website. Good luck!

Emerica Design-a-Tee contest flyer

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