Epicly Later’d coming back with Season 2

Epicly Later'd season 2

That’s right everybody…one of my favorite video productions will be back in September 2008 with a new series of videos getting behind the scenes and into the heads of well-known skaters with some intelligent questions and filming that takes on a different perspective. Here’s the “official” announcement – why try to put words in their mouth when they can speak for themselves. And make sure you watch the teaser with Gino Iannucci further down in this article:

“It might seem like Epicly Later’d is turning into VBS’s Chinese Democracy, but rest assured this is not the case. We promise your patience will be rewarded in September with a fresh batch of all new episodes. Yes, there will be Gino Ianucci and Ethan Fowler, but we will also have Lance Mountain, James Kelch, Brian Anderson, Beauty and the Beast Tour, and more shit with Lakai team than you could possibly ever want. So everyone who ever doubted that there would be Life after Cardiel can now log back onto the Slap Message Board and post that they were sorry they ever doubted Epicly Later’d. And for those of you who believed, thank you.”

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