éS european Game of Skate 2007 final won by….

….mirror mirror on the wall, who is the éS european Game of Skate winner of them all? Sometimes history just repeats itself, people win the lottery twice in a row or skaters like Alex Mizurov just have the skill and the nerves to nail a second win in a row after 2006 and become the european éS Game of Skate champion yet again.

Battling it out all the way until end was the Dutch skater Sewa Kroetkov but Alex is the man who got the ticket to the San Diego final September 8th to show what he’s got again against some of the world’s best. Among the confirmed skaters are Chico Brenes, Mike Mo Capaldi, Chris Cole, Jackson Curtin, Danny Garcia, Kelly Hart, Kenny Hoyle, Chany Jeanquenin, Billy Marks, Jereme Rogers, Javier Sarmiento, Rodrigo Tx., Rob Welsh and Stevie Williams with many more sure to come. The invited skaters are (this is an invitational contest only by the way) :

Adam Dyet, Billy Marks, Brandon Biebel, Brandon Westgate, Bryan Herman, Chico Brenes, Chris Cole, Chris Haslam, Chris Roberts, Daewon Song, Dan Murphy (am), Daniel Castillo, Danny Montoya, Danny Garcia, Danny Fuenzalida, Darrell Stanton, Devine Calloway, Dylan Rieder, Eric Koston, Gilbert Crockett, Greg Lutzka, Jack Curtin, James Craig, Javier Sarmiento, Jereme Rogers, Jeron Wilson, Jerry Hsu, Jimmy Carlin, Joey Brezinski, Justin Eldridge, Kelly Hart (am), Kenny Anderson, Kenny Hoyle, Kerry Getz, Malcolm Watson, Marc Johnson, Mark Appleyard, Mike Carroll, Mike Taylor, Mike Mo Capaldi, Nyjah Huston (am), Paul Rodriguez, P.J. Ladd, Raymond Molinar, Rob Dyrdek, Rodrigo Tx., Ronnie Creager, Ryan Gallant, Ryan Sheckler, Sean Malto, Sierra Fellers, Stefan Janoski, Tom Penny, Tommy Sandoval, Tony Tave, Torey Pudwill, Zered Bassett.

These skaters will be fighting it out for a $20,000 dollar purse, the winner receiving ten grand…

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