éS Game of Skate dates for Finland 2008

éS Game of Skate in Finland

éS Game of Skate is going on around the world with skaters unknown to many us packing out their tech tricks and battling it out with fellow skaters to win a ticket to the finals at the Maloof Money Cup July 11th till the 13th 2008 in Orange, California. I know about Germany, France and Holland already have started up the contests around the country or as in Holland’s case already found the winner, Sewa Kroetkov.

Durch Game Of Skate winner 2008

Watch the Dutch video finals over at the Tacky.nl website

And here finally are the Finnish dates for this year:

27/5/2008 18.30 – Oulu, Hovinsuon Park (Real Deal)
28/5/2008 18.00 – Kuopio, Savilahti Park (Switchstance)
29/5/2008 18.00 – Jyväskylä ,Yrttisuo Park(Beyond,Lamina)
30/5/2008 18.00 – Tampere, Vapis Park (Cartel)
02/6/2008 17.00 – Helsinki, Kiasma (Ponkes,Lamina,GreyMarketSupply)
03/6/2008 18.00 – Turku, Kupittaa Park (Lamina)
04/6/2008 18.00 – Lahti, Laune Park (Lamina)

06/6/2008 16.00 – Helsinki Kiasma

Р̩S Game of Skate official website

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