éS Game Of Skate Finals live webcast September 8th!

éS Game Of Skate Finals

That’s right, just because the finals are thousands of kilometers away in San Diego, California doesn’t mean we can’t follow the éS Game Of Skate finals action straight from our armchairs over here in “old” Europe. And it will be live as well!

With a long list of skaters making there way to the Action Sports Retailer trade show in San Diego this weekend and Consolidated’s “Goin Bananas” premiere tonight, the weekend will be a long one for the lucky persons in San Diego. But we can as stated above just head our mouse over to the REELcomp website which will be bringing a live webcast starting 1 p.m. Pacific time (they are 8 hours behind London time and nine hours behind Berlin/Barcelona time) so for all the island dwellers in Great Britain or Ireland, that’s 9 in the evening and 10 in the evening for the continental breakfast lovers. Let’s see if they have put up enough server strength to hold off the masses of skaters trying to see it!

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