eS Game of Skate Finals update

Many thanks to the info coming in (check the comments over at this link ) to get the news right after not finding much on the web yesterday. The slightly strange news is that Alex Mizurov was not allowed to compete in the same competition as last year because he’s not a pro.

Okay, you can’t bend the rules all the time or else no competition will work and everybody will be unsatisfied, but not letting last year’s winner compete against the same guys? Well, that’s how it was but Alex didn’t let this disturb his skating as went on to take the amateur competition in front of Andrew Smith, Carlos Lastra and Matt Lemond.

And just to make this a complete round-up, here are the pro results again:

1. Chris Cole $10,000
2. Nyjah Huston $5,000
3. Mike Mo Capaldi $3,000
4. Javier Sarmiento $2,000

Check out the links below to the videos from 411 video magazine, thanks!

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