Ethan Fowler – Epicly Laterd – Episode 1 of 5

Ethan Fowler - Epicly Laterd - Episode 1 of 5

The next Epicly Later’s show is up and running with Ethan Fowler in it. So what’s happening in this first episode? Here’s what they have to say themselves:

Today we take a Mild Ride up and down the California coast. Originally this tour was going to be from Costa Mesa to Long Beach on Segways but that didn’t work out (Segway wouldn’t sponsor it). But this tour was still one of the top three tours I’ve ever been on, and it was my first time ever on a motorized two-wheel vehicle. It was honestly life changing. I am totally hooked. I’d like to thank RVCA and Vespa for making it happen. And someday I hope to own one of these 250Cc badass hogs.

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