Etiquette in skateboard photography

Etiquette in skateboard photography

Skateboard photography has come a very long way in the last few years and of course it helps that cameras are getting easier to use, we can see immediately what mistakes we make, adjust the camera settings and carry on learning.

One photographer who has been with skateboarding for a long, long time is J. Grant Brittain and when he has something to say about photography, I sit back and listen. Grant was at the Protec Pool Party 2009 taking pictures and he was forced to see once again that there are a bunch of people taking photos who either don’t really know the basics of composing photos or they don’t really care if somebody else who does take the time to build up and compose their shots is being bothered by hands or cameras being forced in their shot.

I can’t say that I’m anything more than a beginner at photography and that I make a lot of mistakes but I do agree with the fact that many of these “photographers” don’t think when they are standing taking their shots. If you want a good shot, you wouldn’t like somebody just moving in front of you but that seems to be the way things go these days.

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