etniesplus shoes, did you know about them?

I sure didn’t and I have to admit it – I just loooove shoes, especially ones suitable to skate of course. Keeping up with all of the new companies popping up out of no where can be difficult at times but sometimes you just have to take the time. etniesplus brings out limited series of shoes and they are looking good.

If the website represents all of the different shoe variations they have to offer, then there are seven women series (aisha, robin, zanzibar, new starling, kinshasa, plover and rocksteady hi) and six men series (rocksteady hi, isaac, junior, pablo, sly mid and sly) out there for us shoe fanatics to find. But it isn’t that easy as like we mentioned they are limited and available at specific shops only…all of the shoes use seldom-seen and unusual materials as he makers themselves put it, just wish we could see it ourselves. I’ve tried contacting the designers themselves, maybe they’ll have mercy with us!

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