The RVCA Germany 2012 Tour Video Edit

Good vibes coming through with this video featuring the RVCA Germany Tour 2012 with Julian Davidson, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Nestor Judkins, Josh Harmony, Didrik, Galasso, Tom Kleinschmidt, Ilja, Judazki, and Charles Collet. They came, skated and rocked Germany! The photo on top was taken by Matthew Price by the way with Charles Collet crailsliding one […]

Generation Waste Full Video – Generation Waste Skateboarding

Thanks to Giulio for sending over the link to this massive full-length video effort entitled “Generation Waste”. The skating and filming is damn impressive featuring the Murder Skateboard team among other skaters (Massimiliano Baratono, Ivan Federico, Filippo Baronello, Paolo Maneglia, Juan Issa, Angelo Netto, David Petucco, Samir el Kerdoud, Marko Dukic, Jacopo Picozza) as the […]