Europeskate back from “holiday” from the south of France

I welcome myself back to the realms of skateboarding and online reporting after doing some traveling and partying in some european cities without skateboarding. Yes, bad me but helping your mother move from Florida to the Cote d’Azur in the south of France isn’t really the worst thing to do. Yes, I hate myself because I didn’t get to skate Marseille this time but I have a even better reason to make family visits in the the near future!

There is a quarter ramp in the little town called Menton where my mom lives which is only worth the view around it – beaches, mountains, women, just great! The above picture shows a french version of a mega ramp…anybody want to try and ride this from the top? It’s located right in the center of Nizza close to the beach if anybody is interested in getting major injuries real soon….

So I’ll keep this post short as I have a fare amount of catching up to do. The feedback is growing which is a good reason for me to continue making Europeskate grow!

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