Getting Ready To Change Looks

Hi everybody – as you may have seen in the last few weeks the updates have been few and spread apart. This is not how I want this to continue at and during the weekend I was sitting in front of laptop late into the night working on a new version of the site which looks better, is easier for me to update and if everything works out, is also available for smartphones and the iPad.

After 5 years and many changes this is nothing really new, but we have over 2300 posts, loads of messages and it’s time to really connect better with the social networks we already have up and running. I also want to do this to keep up my own enthusiasm for updating, talking with people from around the world and especially to start up the interviews, product reviews and band checks with a lot more energy and keep them coming at you on a regular basis.

Of course the loved skateboarding photography corner will continue to be pushed and I’m always up for new ideas and your constructive criticism which have always been coming in here – it helps loads with finding the needed energy to keep updating a site from which we earn just about nothing – all for the fun of skateboarding and that’s good!

While I’m doing this my wife and I are actually starting a distribution for clothing on the side while I have a day-job as well…so I’m not bored! Thanks for staying with us and no worries, things will continue smoothly and with a new look very soon!

Cheers and keep on skateboarding!

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