Europeskate Daily Twitter Updates for June 4th 2009

Europeskate Daily Twitter Updates for June 4th

  • Just finished up an ad for Bailgun Magazine – now I’m going to head for bed as I’m completely tired out. See you tomorrow everybody! #
  • Dennis Busenitz in the adidas ‘Diagonal’ video:
    The much appraised and hyped video “Diagonal” from .. #
  • Europeskate Daily Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03:
    hey everybody – I’m looking into putting my tweets on E.. #
  • Morning! Getting things started with some news updates and I am finishing one interview befor I head off to work. #
  • Europeskate Pic Of The Day June 4th 2009:
    I picked out the latest Pic Of The Day on Europeskate and it tunrs ou.. #
  • New PIc Of The Day for June 4th is online right now. Now it’s time for the morning coffee or else I’m falling asleep again. #
  • Bailgun Magazine Issue 9 is online:
    Bailgun Magazine is back with a massive bang – issue #9 is available for fr.. #
  • Writing up the latest interview later for a brand new section on the site and I’m off for a “secret” street session this evening. #
  • Tom Kelch gets Epicly Laterd – Part 1 and 2:
    James Kelch is one of the best known Embarcadero scene personaliti.. #
  • Jereme Rogers dancing on the ceiling..uhhh roof:
    Oh man, some stories turn up in my mailbox which I really don&.. #
  • Been in working late today – got an interview sent out and still a few left + some work on the photo book idea going on tonight. #
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