Europeskate Featured Band Of The Day – On Bodies

Finally I have some time off and it is really time to do some changes on Europeskate to get back to where we were a few months ago. I’m changing the top layout of the homepage and I’m back to featuring several different special highlights everyday to support what you, our readers and supporters, have been asking for in the past few weeks – daily updates and the newest posts!

Let’s get this started with a great band which has an incredible mix of music, vocals and energy: On Bodies is puts together the experience from SHAI HULUD, AS FRIENDS RUST, CULTURE, KNOW THE SCORE, GLASSEASTER, MORNING AGAIN, DANCE FLOOR JUSTICE, UNTIL THE END, WHERE FEAR AND WEAPONS MEET, DESTRO and more – looks like an all-star game with ex-membes of Florida based bands and yeah, this already sounds great! I can’t wait for more!!!

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