Europeskate HQ weekly update

Europeskate's weekend roundup

This coming weekend is packed full of skateboard events around Europe which will attract a variety of skateboarders with different skills, sponsors, attitudes and backgrounds. Everything which is necessary for a good contest weekend full of skating, partying, slams, joy and defeat. What is this guy talking about you might be thinking…

Well nothing more than about the Simpel Session 2008 contest in Tallinn, Estonia – the Cancer Research Jam at Central Skatepark in Manchester, UK supporting a good cause and the Vert Attack II at the Brygerriet Skatepark in Malmö, Sweden. Skateboarding is still growing and the amount of contests is keeping the pace which is helping to get skaters from all over the world together, creating new friendships, shared memories and a lot of good times for us to talk about and remember for years to come. I hope that many more of you out there trust in yourself and try to put together some small sessions or events. No need to have loads of cash to give away, just make it fun and somehow different than other events, you’ll be surprised how many skaters turn up to show their skills and have a blast!

The website you are on right now,, is growing, changing and adapting as well. I’ve been working on the site for over 1.5 years more as a hobby and it’s great to see the interest grow. There’s still a lot to do, things which don’t always work, options which are missing that could make the site more user friendly and actually as the sub-title claims – connect Europe’s skateboarders.

The site will receive a complete update this weekend which you probably won’t even notice but certain functionalities will be introduced to improve the usability and add in one new area which will be announced in the near future. Oh yeah, you might have noticed that I removed the “Forum” area…not much was happening there other than spammers trying to push their porn pictures on us. This is a website for skateboarding and the lifestyle we celebrate every day, that’s it! Have a great weekend and learn something new on that board!

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