Europeskate Is Back Online!

Welcome back everybody! After almost two weeks of maintanence on the site I have finally gotten around to finishing up the last changes to make Europeskate faster, better connected to all of the networks you are already hanging out on and it now lets me concentrate on getting the latest news online and connecting with skaters, companies, musicians, artists – just about anybody that has something to do with the skateboarding lifestyle so that the interviews, giveaway contests and product check-outs get the space that they should…

Europeskate is moving back to a platform to exchange opinions and where you will want to come back for more…it wasn’t there for a few months and I knew it. So it was time to make the move back to where Europeskate is just plain fucking good! Enjoy and yeah, there will be a few bugs around on the site but just let me know and I’ll be clobbering you with the best in skateboarding starting right now!

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