Europeskate & Jart Skateboards Deck and Wheels Giveaway Contest

Yeah everybody, after our interview with Jart Skateboards team manager Alex Braza we’re teaming up again with Jart Skateboards for a giveaway contest!

What can you win?

Two winners, each winner gets a Jart brand deck and a set of Jart wheels!

Who can try to win?

Anyone who lives in the European Union area (sorry, we got to restrict this!) – shipping only in this area, no exceptions!


What do you have to do?

1. Go to the Jart Skateboards Product Page and choose a deck you would like to win (from the following series: Super Size Me, Radar, Elegance, , Basic, Label, Wood, Colors, Night, Stairs)…even better choose two decks and the sizes

2. Write a comment below this article stating the names & size of the decks you like + your prefered wheel size.

3. Make sure you leave your email address OR your Facebook name so we can contact you (to make it easier also like the Europeskate Facebook page so that we’re connnected!)

When does this giveaway contest end?

You have time until Sunday, December 6th 2015 23:59 GMT to find you favorite Jart Skateboards deck and add this information as a comment below this post! Good luck everybody!!!

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