Europeskate Music And Band Tips – November 9th 2011

As promised I want to share 5 bands with you I have just recently listened to and I am sure that everyone reading this will find something they like.

Starting it off is Seahaven out of Los Angeles, California with their release “Winter Forever” which is an amazing combination of excellent lyrics and engagingly fresh experimental sounds while at the same time keeping the rhythm moving forwards at a good pace – it keeps me wanting to find more in each song and coming back for more. Definitely different than most bands I’ve heard lately, have a listen (and there’s an acoustic video clip as well).

Seahaven – Goodnight (Live Acoustic) from alvin carrillo on Vimeo.

Here’s something for those lovers of hardcore music: the new RISE AND FALL limited EP From Deathwish is out now and available in 3 different colors. Two songs – “Deceiver” and “Sinking In Sin” blast straight in your face and with their highly anticipated new album, Faith, due out in early 2012, the long wait for us all begin. Enjoy at least one song right here!

RISE AND FALL “Deceiver” by deathwishinc

Old does not necessarily mean bad or boring. And “Bane” really have a video that suits the current news of Joe Frazier passing away – RIP. Check out the action in the pit from the Hellfest 2002, seriously insane!

Now this is going to keep you metal heads in front of your computer for hours – the legendary Metal Blade Records has been pounding out at least one song from EVERY record in their dicography for the past couple of days and it looks like they’ll get over 400 songs online! Check out a few below!

November 2011 Releases by Metal Blade Records

And to round it off for the day, here’s a band out of Holland which managed to remind me of “the good old days of skating” when we listening to punk rock was the what you did, period. Brat Pack and their album “Stupidity Returns” is a great homage to the 90’s, love it!

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