Europeskate Music Choices – January 2nd 2009

Europeskate's Music Choices Of The Week

Finally got back to listening into five bands and putting them together for you on the site. 2009 is looking good already music-wise and I’m looking forward to integrating more and more bands, reviews and interviews on the site – music is and always will be a part of skateboarding. Enjoy the latest bands (Gold Kids, Sinking Ships, The Welch Boys, Architects, The Vaders) and I’ll be back with more real soon…

The Vaders

The Vaders

The Vaders – MySpace Site
Record Label: Horror Business Records

Band members:
– Manuel Püschel: Bass/Voc
– Peter Lehnert: Guitar/Voc
– Johannes Rolf: Guitar
– Daniel Lammers: Drums



Architects – Band Site
Architects – MySpace site

Band members:
– Sam: Vocals
– Ali: Bass
– Dan: Drums
– Tom: Guitar
– Tim: Guitar

Sinking Ships

Sinking Ships

Sinking Ships – MySpace site

Band members:
– broken up or not broken up? you decide! Great music though!

The Welch Boys

The Welch Boys – Drinkin Angry

The Welch Boys
Record Label: Sailor’s Grave Records

Band members:
– Vocals: Ed Lalli
– Guitar: T.J. Welch
– Guitar: P.J. Dionne
– Bass: Mark Powers
– Drums: Steve Maffeo

Gold Kids

Gold Kids – The Sound of Breaking Up

Gold Kids – band website
Gold Kids – MySpace site
Record Label: Thirty Days Of Night

Band members:
– Andre’ Suergiu: vocal
– Nicola Tinti: guitar
– Davide Ragazzo: guitar
– Mirko Pistidda: bass
– Paolo Schirru: drums

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