Europeskate Music Tip – Smoke Or Fire

Smoke Or Fire With The Speakeasy

Finally back with a music tip featuring “Smoke Or Fire” and I have to admit that I’ve been listening to them for quite a while already but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to recommend their latest release. “The Speakeasy”, the long due follow up to “This Sinking Ship”, was recorded in Chicago by Matt Allison in 2010 and it turns out that the new record grows on you, making you want to listen to it again and again. Some fast and pretty typical punk rock rhythm sections mixed with pop-punk parts and even an acoustic song thrown into the mix make this release one to pick up and enjoy!

Joe McMahon – Vocals/Guitar
Jeremy Cochran – Guitar
Justin “Gwomper” Burdick – Bass (AVAIL)
Ryan Parrish – Drums (Darkest Hour)

Listen in to Smoke And Fire right here!

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