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Europeskate Music Watch – April 18th 2016

Back again with this early Monday afternoon Europeskate Music Watch and oh yeah, I have some good music once again. Let me kick it off with a band that will wake anybody up and have them ready to slam dance: The Dillinger Escape Plan were filmed last year live on stage at the Arctangent Festival performing their song “Prancer” and as you can expect from them, it was pure madness.

Plague Vendor recently released a new full-length album “Bloodsweat” and are currently in the middle of an extensive tour. The sound and the special vocals have really caught my attention and I’m listening to this album a lot right now.

Primitive Weapons from have recently released their second album entilted “The Future of Death” on the label Party Smasher Inc, the new label founded by Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan. This is just good, goes straight to the bone and keeps you moving…

Coming out on May 6th is the brand new album “No Dawn” from New York hardcore band “Concrete” (fits nicely to my love of fast music and concrete spots…). No frills with this band, right in your face and they have just signed on to the really good label Fast Break! Records

And rounding it off for today is the French punk band “Fire At Will” with a strong album released on the French label KROD Records from Toulouse. Funny that the name is actually German and stands for “Keine Rosen ohne Dornen” or “No roses withour thorns”…got to ask them about that one!

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