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Europeskate Music Watch – April 7th 2016

I’ve working a lot lately while listening to loads of bands in the last days & nights. The amount of seriously great talented bands around the globe that I haven’t heard or heard much about is always jawdropping. So I’m getting back to the roots of what I like to do and bringing it back on Europeskate: sharing music and bands with you. Here are some of my picks for today:

One of my favorite bands from the beginning of my vert skateboarding days is Dag Nasty and Dag Nasty is back! This classic punk band have been announcing some reunion shows and tours and they are bringing out new music featuring the original lineup.

The band will be releasing a two song seven inch on May 20th through Dischord Records. Listen in to the new songs “Cold Heart” and “Wanting Nothing” below. They’re going on tour in April around the world so make sure you get some tickets – they are selling out fast!

Swedish punks “Scumbag Millionaire” from Gothenburg just released a video for their latest single “Dead End.”. Everything just looks and works right for me with these 4 guys and their music. And sometimes you just get lucky – they are coming on tour in April to Hamburg, see you soon guys!


Staying in Europe let me introduce you to the Dutch / Belgian hardcore band “Colors Dead Bleed” and their brand new about to be released EP “Breath of a ghost” which is coming out April 11th. 5 songs full of raw hardcore energy, mastered with Audiosiege Portand who have previously worked on records of Defeater or Modern Life Is War.

And everything doesn’t have to be tough, the song doesn’t have to be perfectly tight and yeah, punk can be fun too. The “Shocktroopers” from Wyoming do it right with this video to the song “Punk Rock Body” (same name as the latest record).

You can purchase Punk Rock Body on iTunes or at

Rounding off this Europeskate music watch is the Detroit noise band “Child Bite” with their full-length release “Negative Noise” on Housecore Records which was produced by no one less Philip H. Anselmo! Negative Noise is 47 minutes of energy filled music which is not always easy to grasp and that makes it good!

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