Europeskate Photo Of The Day August 30th 2011

Time really does fly. Seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I was having a blast at the Volcom Bergfest contest in Munster, Germany – it was actually over 6 weeks ago but whatever. While hanging out after the contest watching the live bands and the very entertaining and very drunk slam dancing crowd do their thing, I stumbled into a guy named Jeroen Nieuwhuis (check out his website right here) who turned out to be a photographer from Holland and I told him to get in touch. He did and he’s been waiting for an answer for a quite a long time from me.

Good to have some patience as I like his photos and he gets the Europeskate Photo Of The Day for August 30th 2011 with this fine photo focused on Lennart van Roeden doing a frontside boardslide on this rail in Munster.

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