Europeskate Photo Of The Day January 16th 2012

After all of those good ideas on New Year’s Eve, it has taken a bit longer to get back into the flow here at Europeskate but heading into the 8th year of giving you the best in skateboarding from around the world without a big company/organization backing me up, I think it’s quite alright to take a short break here and then.

Check out the first Europeskate Photo Of The Day for 2012 with this shot of Jeff Denomme in the middle of a frontside 5-0 in some place warm as the photographer, Fabian Suarez (check out his Flickr gallery here), took this picture January 4th, 2012 with a Nikon D3000. I think I’ll ask him where he’s living and if I can bring my family for a visit!

Europeskate Skateboard Photo Of The Day for January 16th 2012

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