Europeskate Photo Of The Day June 11th 2011

It’s been almost two weeks since the last Europeskate Photo Of The Day so it’s time for a new photo. After finally getting some time off from work I made a late visit last night at one in the morning to the local Flora bowl and was happily surprised to be a part of a raging bowl session. So it’s no wonder that I’ve picked another DIY concrete landscape as today’s Photo Of The Day.

This shot was taken by Dabe Alan at the Burnside Park in Portland, Oregon and it features Alex Schuurmans who’s riding a smooth BS Smith with his shadow waiting to catch him. Here’s the story and the photo information:

Shot this back in April after getting kicked out of a spot we had been lurking for a few days. Anyway, I never posted it because Alex kept wanting to go back and do it better (and I wanted to try a few other lighting options). Two months later, Alex hurt his leg so it’s not looking like we’ll be back before they change the paintjob of the bowl.

Strobist: 580ex high up camera right, Lumipro camera left, 5d Mark ii, Cybersyncs, Canon 24-70mm f2.8

Burnside Park with BS Smith Grind

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