Europeskate Photo Of The Day November 30th 2011

Skateboarding is coming back into my main focus in life again after several weeks/months of other business which had to be taken care of. Yeah, everybody has these phases but the good thing is that it always makes me realize how much fun it is to keep Europeskate moving and evolving.

Today’s Europeskate Photo Of The Day for November 30th 2011 is the first follow-up in the skateboard photography series since November 1st which is my worst blogging record yet so let me get this straightened out. This excellant photo of some unidentified skater hovering above a transition was caught for us all by Kyle Joy (have a look at his Flickr photo page here) – makes you want to get out there on your board doesn’t it?

Europeskate Photo Of The Day for November 30th 2011

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