Europeskate Photo Of The Day October 19th 2010

Europeskate Photo Of The Day October 19th 2010

This has been a very slacky month for updates on Europeskate, I have to admit it. So it’s good that there are a lot of you out there wanting to show your photography on Europeskate – Nick Geboers (he’s the guy behind the online LateFlip Magazine out of Belgium) is always busy behind the lens, either photo camera or video camera. Right now he is working on a video for the Belgian skateboard company Lancier which will feature skating by . You can follow the work and fun on the blog.

PJ Claey is the skater caught on film in this Europeskate Photo Of The Day for October 19th 2010 while doing a fakie kickflip.

PJ Claey in the middle of a fakie kickflip
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