Europeskate Photo Of The Day September 8th 2011

Back home or in the Europeskate “office” and I’m kicking off the evening with the next Europeskate Photo Of The Day for September 8th 2011 with a perfect shot of a one Josh Radko pulling off a nice front crook grind. The story behind the skater is one that grabbed my attention as it’s something that can happen to all of us. Josh experienced a very bad slam back in June 2011 while warming up on a 12 stair handrail and cracked open his head. He’s on the road to recovery so I wish him all the best to be able to get back on the board soon.

Alex Papke (check out his Flickr photo gallery here!) took this picture and many more can be viewed at his gallery with a Nikon D7000 and with an SB900 flash, camera fired from the left with Pocket Wizards. If you are up to it, check out the video with the slam after the photo!

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