Europeskate Pic Of The Day December 22nd 2009

As it was most likely quite easy to see in advance that I wasn’t going to pull through an entire month with one Pic Of The Day, this “experiment” has also been good for me to see how I am going to continue pushing the skateboard photography section in 2010. I’m looking forward to the many mails with new pictures, skaters and impressions from around the world. Keep sending them in!

Today’s Pic Of The Day comes from Kristijan Smok and it was taken in Zagreb, Croatia on a ferry (nice idea!) by one Michel Kubaček doing a 50-50 grind. The shot was made with a Canon 400d with a Sigma 10mm at F2.8 and a flash from the left side.

Europeskate Pic Of The Day December 22nd 2009
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