Europeskate Pic Of The Day December 6th 2009

Sunday’s always a good day to relax, do basically what you want and I’m still using my days stuck in bed with this persisitent flu to keep finding more great skateboard photos and hooking up with the people behind the shots. Today’s Pic Of The Day comes from “soleir” (check his photo gallery right here…) and he catches Marcus Medio in the middle of a tweaked airwalk to fakie on this mini ramp in the city of Gijón, Spain.

The shot was created with a Canon EOS 40D, METZ 45 CT-1 at camera left and other Metz 45 CT-1 at camera right triggered through Elinchrom skyports. I think this picture is just fantastic!

Europeskate Pic Of The Day December 6th 2009

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