Europeskate Pic Of The Day January 15th 2009

The latest Europeskate Pic Of The Day - January 15th 2009

Rounded forms, concrete and one Ben Raemers for the new Pic of the Day…

What is going on? Yeah, I can be pretty indecisive when I want to be and the good thing with your own website is that you can do what you want. I always wanted to creat an ongoing skateboard photography series and last December I tried to actually find a great skateboarding picture every day. Didn’t work and it got pretty stressy for me so I changed the name to the Pic Of The Week. That was this past week and I am not too happy with this – there are just so many good photographers out there waiting to get a chance to be featured on Europeskate so here’s the deal:

Whenever I feel like it, then I’ll change it. Yeah, totally new and unexpected, amazing right? Seriously, it’s just easier for me to handle and a lot more fun as well. This site is a lot of work but as long as it stays fun, then I’ll keep doing it.

That’s been cleaed up so on to the latest Europeskate Pic Of The Day selection: this one is not a perfect shot but what really attracted my attention is the raw concrete and the history behind this old beauty of a bowl at the Romford Skatepark combined with one of the biggest talents out of Great Britain, Ben Raemers in the middle of a sweeper. The photo was taken back in June 2008 during the Concrete Carnage contest with a Canon EOS 400D camera by Timothée Touzé (check out his gallery…).

Europeskate Pic Of The Day January 15th 2009

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