Europeskate Pic Of The Day June 15th 2009

Europeskate Pic Of The Day June 15th 2009

I took the weekend off updatin the site just about so the week gets started this Monday with the new Pic Of The Day on Europeskate placed in the beautiful scenery of a Russian army base with a great backdrop. The man behind the lense is Local Radio on Flickr.
Here’s his story about it:

It was not a pretty good morning for me. I’ve cought cold the day before, and my head was something like a time-ticking bomb all day long. This spot was the last spot on our tour-list, so we arrived there something about 3 p.m. in the begginning of December, so we had not so much time before the sun goes down.

The thing of this spot is that it is a russian army base somewhere in Sevestopol outscirts, so to check this spot you have to work as a spy, moving through the terrain. The weather was some kind of ugly, seemed it’s going to rain from minute to minute. I didn’t want to go out of the car even, but i made some punishment on my lazy ass, and got in there. The thing i saw first was something unbelieveble – ideal radius, nice landscape, and even the sun showed when we crossed the border of the spot. It seemed like heaven, even my headake seemed not to disturb me anymore. I wish we spent more time on this peace of earth!

Europeskate Pic Of The Day June 15th 2009 from Local Radio on Flickr
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