Europeskate Pic Of The Day October 22nd 2009

My mate Piper ( from Konstanz, Germany is down with skating on all types of terrain and knows how to capture skaters in action on film in a very fine fashion as well.

He was recently traveling around in the Basque region of Spain and he hooked up with Txus (the owner of Zut Skateparks who had just finished his latest pool construction project in Sondika – close to Bilbao. The pool coping had just been set and they got the maiden ride in this clove-shaped pool which has the same form as the renowned Turf pool.

Photo set-up: Nikon fm3a, used the available light, 5,6 aperture and Kodak Ektar 100 film

Europeskate Pic Of The Day October 22nd 2009

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