Europeskate Pic Of The Week January 8th 2009

Europeskate Pic Of The Week January 8th 2009

Yeah, now it’s weekly picture on the site!

New year and changes everywhere on the site. I tried in December to find a Pic Of The Day everyday and that almost worked the whole month but after trying it I realized even more that I really don’t want to turn Europeskate into another skateboarding aggregator news site (it is flattering that Europeskate is being copied on a bunch of sites but where’s the personality in those sites that make them even a bit more interesting? I can’t find it…).

So I’ve decided to spend my precious time to find just that one great picture a week – yeah, those who have been following the site know all about the plans for the skateboard photography book which I’ve been mentioning on and off for the last few months (or is it a year already???) – and this will give me the time to invest in talking to skaters and companies, doing interviews and again pushing the people that make skateboarding what it is.

Alright, now that you know what I want to do let me present the first Europeskate Pic Of The Week. This shot was taken by Devin Radabaugh (check out his gallery…) with a skater going by the name of Koston in the middle of a very nicely captured backside flip over – now you got me – this wave obstacle. Any names for it that are “official”? I admit it – I don’t learn this stuff, I haven’t had the chance to even ride one! Well, let us know what you think about the shot. It was taken wit ha Nikon D80 with One SB-28 fired at 1/4 power via Cybersyncs (high right), one SB-600 fired at 1/8 power via Cybersyncs (low right) and one SB-24 fired at 1/4 power via Cybersyncs (high left).

Europeskate Pic Of The Week January 8th 2009

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