Europeskate Presents The Vans Downtown Showdown Shoe Giveaway Contest

Europeskate Presents The Vans Downtown Showdown Shoe Giveaway Contest

Message for all: This giveaway contest finished July 21st, 2010 – NO MORE ENTRIES PLEASE.

And the winners are: Rachel Crisman from Mississippi, USA / Peter Robertson from Sweden and Artur Kantorczyk from Poland – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thanks to Vans for hooking us up at Europeskate with three pairs of Vans shoes (1x Rowley Style 99’s (Size 40.5 -> 8 color: Navy), 1x DD Spawn (Size 42 -> 9 color: Purple/White), 1x Era Pro (Size 42 -> 9 color: Black/Blue) to give away to YOU as we continue the run-up to the next European Vans Downtown Showdown 2010 which is taking place in Hamburg, Germany this August 14th, 2010 right in the middle of the world-famous Reeperbahn – this is going to be one mad contest!

So you want to win one of the three pairs of Vans shoes (check out the pictures of the shoes at the end of the article!)???

Then answer the following question: Where did the first European Vans Downtown Showdown take place? HINT: look through this ENTIRE article, you may just find the answer!

Send a mail to with your name, email address and of course the correct answer!

That’s all you have to do.This giveaway contest ends July 21st, 2010 at midnight everywhere so get your answer to us as soon as possible and you could be the lucky winner of one of the three pairs of Vans shoes!

Continuing on with the upcoming contest, the amount of top names in European skateboarding on the roster to skate the Vans Downtown Showdown 2010 in Hamburg has already put a fat grin on my face: here are the participating skateboard companies and their team members:

» Antiz: Hugo Liard, Sam Partaix, Samu Karvonen, Aaron Sweeney
» Blind Europe: Chris Oliver, Sewa, Philipp Schuster, Dany Hamard, Javier Paredes, Andi Welther
» Cliché: Charles Collet, Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, John Tanner
» Death: Dan Cates, Scott “Horsey” Walker,Adam Moss, Paul Hopkins
» Element Europe: Guillaume Mocquin, Phil Zwijsen, Madars Apse, Ross McGouran
» Jart Skateboards: Ivan Rivado, Mark Fröhlich, Youness Amrani, Christian Cortizo
» Titus: Jeremy Reinhardt, Vladik Scholtz, Yannick Schall, Denny Pham
» Trap: Jürgen Horrwarth, Richie Löffler, Kilian Heuberger, Sabrina Göggel
» Zero Europe: Peter Molec, Fabian Verhaege, Rob Maatman

Check out some of the action from the first European Vans Downtown Showdown event which took place last year (2009) in Turin, Italy!

Vans Downtown Showdown Torino/Italy 2009

And these are the shoe styles you can win!

Geoff Rowley 99
DD Spawn
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